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Limited Use Limited Application Elevator

Compact Commercial Design
Schools, Churches, Libraries, Clubhouses, Multi - Family Housing and Luxury Residential Applications

  A Limited Use Limited Access Elevator provided by AREA ACCESS fills the gap between a full size commercial elevator and a vertical platform lift. The LU/LA Elevator is great for upgrading your facility to meet the accessibility requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act or as an added convenience for your staff, clients or members of your organization.
Designed with the features, function and feel of the commercial elevators we all use in our daily lives but on a smaller scale to provide a practical and affordable solution to modernize your low rise professional building, place of worship or meeting house.
Limited Use Limited Application Elevator
may also be included in the design plans of limited occupancy, low rise residential buildings where ADA accessibility is not required but the addition of an affordable elevator would add value and convenience (consult you local building official).
  The LU/LA is also available in a wide variety of Residential Packages to add style, elegance and function to your Dream Home.
AREA ACCESS has been installing and servicing LU/LA Elevators since their inclusion in the ASME A17.1 elevator codes in 1998. We are the LU/LA Experts in the Mid-Atlantic Region!


Key Features Include:
  • Automatic operation
  • 1:2 Roped Hydraulic drive with submerged pump motor
  • Fire rated cab enclosure
  • Custom cab options
  • 42"x54", 42"x60", 51"x51" and custom cab sizes
  • Fire rated 36" two speed automatic sliding doors
  • Single, opposite or 90 degree cab opening configuration
  • 25 feet vertical travel, up to 35 feet for special or residential
  • 1400 lb weight capacity
  • Auto homing feature
  • Emergency lighting, alarm and lowering

DR. Meader's Dental Office LU/LA Elevator Addition


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